The Blowhole’s Mission

Posted on December 10, 2009 by


Portrait of S. MacDolphinHello there, and welcome to The Dolphin’s Blowhole, Southampton’s new alternative media platform for residents, students and activists.

As you may have noticed, this site was in fact first set up a year ago, with few updates since then.  This was due to myself, as a migratory porpoise, taking a sabbatical from these mild waters for a while, busy with other dolphin-related duties.  However, I have now returned to Southampton, and have found the reasons why I set up this outlet are still as important as ever – the city remains a functional yet grey and dreary place, lacking any progressive activist or community spirit, it’s students for the most part apathetic and homogeneous, and it’s citizens lacking any alternative voice.  The Daily Echo and the student’s Wessex Scene are decent enough outlets for local news, but they lack any bite and fail to offer any alternative to the dreary consumer society we find ourselves in.  Rather than try and reform these organs, we at the Blowhole feel it’s time for an alternative to speak up and challenge them, providing much needed competition and diversity.

As for myself, I was made redundant over a year ago now by the University, when I was ditched as the popular logo and symbol of the university in favour of some fancy (and very expensive) font.  With the help of some rare activist students, however, I’ve managed to survive, and instead of promoting that institution I have moved on the bluer waters to encourage what really matters now – making Southampton a better and more exciting place to live, along with the wider world, for both its residents and students.  The forces of modern society that crush individuality throughoverindividualism, homogenise us and cause so many social and environmental injustices around the world cannot go unchallenged, and we feel resistance and the alternatives need to start at home.

So join us in our quest to liberate Southampton from boredom, homogenity and conformity; help create an exciting, diverse and active alternative!  Read our stories, contribute yours, spread the word and get involved!  I may be a porpoise, but I certainly don’t lack purpose.

Snorky MacDolphin

Proprietor, The Dolphin’s Blowhole, Southampton