Shellshocked – Amnesty protest outside local petrol station

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Several local groups of Amnesty International held a protest at the Shell petrol garage on Burgess Road on Thursday 10th to coincide with Human Rights Day.

Local Amnesty members outside the Burgess Road Shell garage

Activists from the Southampton, Romsey and University groups converged on the petrol station to highlight the damage Shell has done to communities in the Niger delta, where pollution, poverty and armed militias make life a misery.

The Romsey group, who organised the protest, said “A catastrophe is unfolding in the Niger Delta. Thousands of people are deprived of food and livelihoods. The majority of the population live without water. Entire communities are devastated. The land they have lived on for generations is poisoned.Behind this catastrophe is a UK company Shell. But they are hiding behind a smokescreen of denials and excuses. Its time this stopped its time Shell was called to account. We are holding a demonstration against SHELL IN THE NIGER DELTA on Human Rights Day, 10th December.”

Environmentalists are also at odds with Shell, with their gas flaring in Nigeria and their destructive activities in Rossport, Co. Mayo, Ireland particularly campaigned against.  The same petrol station has also been the scene of protests on “Fossil Fools Day” on April 1st in past years.

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