EDL in Southampton January No-Show

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The English Defence League have failed to turn up on Southampton’s streets in January, despite claiming in early December that they were organising to do so.  The next march  is billed to be in March in Bolton, so it is possible that their rumoured Southampton jaunt will fail to materialise any time soon.

What we didn't have the chance to see this January in Southampton...

As was covered in our last article about the EDL, their claims to be a peaceful protest group focused solely on anti-islamism is a shaky facade for thugs whose main goal is either to cause trouble (often drunken) or by some to express their own extreme views (see image to the left…).  Since that article, further evidence for this behaviour was shown in their march in Stoke, where after a rally of 1500 members about 500 proceeded to rampage through a predominately asian part of town, smashing shop windows and clashing with police.  A fight also erupted in the Wetherspoons they had gathered in between rival football firms (from which many of the EDL’s members are recruited).

Although a Southampton march hasn’t been scheduled yet, the apparent number of Southampton based members (251 on facebook), a past demonstration opposite the BBC building during Nick Griffin’s Question Time appearance, and the fact that Southampton is a relatively large city with a large migrant and non-white population suggests we will be seeing their antics in our city at some point in the near future.  The Blowhole will of course keep you up to date with events and provide information for organisation and action.

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