City Council to cut support for LGBT youth project

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Southampton City Council has decided to stop funding for the Breakout youth project from April, resulting in the planned closure of their day time support and HIV prevention work and further redundancies.

Breakout has been usefel to countless young people since it was founded

Breakout was founded in 1993 to give support to young people aged between 13 and 25 who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and people unsure about sexuality and gender, and has been key to many young people’s wellbeing in that time.  They hire several full-time workers alongside volunteers, who give advice, do group work, one to one support and offer information to any young person who needs someone who can listen in confidence, as well as running social trips.  Supporters have said the following about the cuts:

We were told at Breakout that the funding for the day time service is stopping at the end of March. We were not asked about this so if you would like to have your say and put a complaint then please follow this link.

We need as much support as possible because otherwise Breakout will no longer be accessible. Workers have already lost their jobs over this and we need to make a stand. Breakout is here to support us no matter what happens, and now we need to give that back. This service is our right, and now we need to fight for it. They are also stopping the HIV Prevention work in Southampton, so we are supporting this cause as well.

Although the youth club they run is not planned to close, many more people use the daytime service, and the HIV prevention work is also crucial work.  Supporters of the service against the cut have rallied against the cuts, and are urging people to complain to the council and sign a petition against the cuts through their facebook page, where many current and former members have testified to the huge difference the comprehensive service has made to their lives and wellbeing.  People are also being encouraged to email councillors directly about the issue.

If anyone would like to join Breakout youth Project (if you live in Southampton) and are between the age of 13 and 25 you can contact them via the Breakout Mobile: 07860444673 – Unfortunately the council has now withdrawn this mobile contact, see below:


We have received the following from the spokesman for Breakout, Lee Collins:

The project is going because they want to cut back but our project does not cost much. Members pay for trips, subs etc and also it is free to hire the venue and the only financial cost for them is the phone and two payed youth workers other youth workers are volunteers. We have spoken to the main people who made the decision in a friendly, professional way but a week later they took the breakout mobile so people who need support cannot contact the workers. Thank you for your concern and support

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