Local Community Garden wins chance to keep Community Space open

Posted on March 31, 2010 by


Southampton City Council has decided that a former Neighbourhood Advice Centre based on the site of Ropewalk Community Garden should remain as a community space following successful campaigning by the volunteers who run the garden.  The council has agreed to:

To agree to dispose of the site at Rope Walk, Derby Rd to facilitate the
provision of a community facility and retention of the community garden.

'A village green in the inner city'

Ropewalk, which is a walled community garden and space in New Town and Nicholston which acts as ‘a village green in the inner city’, is aiming to put together a community bid in order to buy the building so that it can reopen for the benefit of local people and cultural/faith organisations.

However, the decision also includes clauses for the building to be sold on the market if an agreement cannot be reached (although with a preference for affordable social housing), and it was also decided not to give community groups extra time if needed to put forward an application, or put forward any potential plans for housing in the forward plan.  It is hoped that the council will act in a cooperative manner to assist the local community in acquiring the building for the wider benefit of the local community, and not drag their feet and use the other clauses to revert to a sale of the site.  The planned NBSP Community Garden in Portswood has faced similar feet-dragging problems with the council which has frustrated the local community group.

If you’d like to get involved with this community project then volunteers are always welcome, and events are run throughout the year in this little-known green oasis in the heart of Southampton.

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