Portswood gearing up for One Big Community Festival

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Southampton is gearing up for the upcoming One Big Community Festival in Portswood in a fortnight’s time, which is being hosted by the NBSP Community Group at Portswood Recreation Ground.

Even Peppa Pig is going!

The festival on the 11th September is being billed as a chance for all of Southampton’s communities to get together to mingle and party.  Activities are set to include acts from groups such as Southampton’s own ukulele orchestra, a steel band, street and Indian dancers and bands like Freereason and The Shimmering Bees.  There’ll also be art workshops, raffles and local sports clubs.

The festival is taking place at Portswood Recreation Ground, Upper Grosvenor Road, SO17 1WZ (near the Drummond Arms) from 11am to 5pm, and is free entry for all.  Families are especially encouraged to come along for a fun day out.

The community group are also using the event to call attention to the fact that a part of the recreation ground which NBSP recently improved by planting flower beds and installing picnic tables has been suddenly threatened with removal to make way for the expansion of adjacent (currently public) tennis courts to create a private club.  The consultation this decision has been based on was conducted around 5 years ago amongst only a few court users, but has out of the blue been reproposed whilst NBSP battles to acquire permission from the Council to use nearby scrap council land for a Community Garden (The Blowhole wonders if this is linked somehow…).  Perhaps the success of the NBSP group in using their local space to the benefit of the wider community will illustrate to the Council that cooperating with the local residents, rather than resisting the garden and proposing to remove the newly installed picnic area, would be of much more benefit to all.


The One Big Community festival went well with many Southamptoners visiting the event and some great performances on stage (photos from Still Moving):

Good weather and loads of stalls...

...Great music (including the Southampton Ukulele Jam)...

...and loads of people!

Congratulations to the NBSP Community group for putting on a great day for everyone, Southampton could do with more events like this!

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