Daily Echo staff give their bosses 3 day strike as a ‘Christmas Bonus’

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Daily Echo staff have once again walked out from their Southampton office in their long-running dispute over pay and pensions.  This is their 3rd walkout so far, and is part of a nationwide action by employees of Newsquest newspapers against what they say are unfair pay and pension compared to managers.

Not your usual Christmas carolers...

As we reported previously, staff are furious that they’re getting real-term pay cuts and have lost their final salary pensions, despite the paper making money and some bosses getting 21.5% pay rises and pensions which have more than doubled.

Local papers in Warrington, Bolton and Darlington will also be affected this Thursday and Friday, along with staff of The Argus from Brighton over plans to shed many sub-editors there in a merger with Southampton offices.

Southampton National Union of Journalist (NUJ) members have walked out a day early than other papers, over a row over an extra Christmas bonus given to staff who crossed the picket lines on their previous strike.  In return, the Echo NUJ chapel have described the extra day as “a bonus for managers at the paper”.

Despite a wall of silence from official Newsquest sources on the strikes (apart from a christmas message from their US parent which stated how much they ‘value’ their employees, which unsurprisingly riled many staff), rumours are now abound that following the repeated strikes across the country, management are considering a 2% pay rise at many titles.  However, Southampton is yet to see any offer, and are likely to carry on striking until a decent deal emerges.

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