Hampshire remains quiet so far as riots rumours remain unfounded

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Rumours of riots planned or being started in Southampton, Portsmouth and Winchester have so far appear to have been unfounded, with little trouble being reported.

The rumours follow three nights of riots and arson in cities across the country, which started in Tottenham in Saturday night after a tense protest over the death of Mark Duggan.

Duggan died after a minicab he was riding was stopped by armed police, but so far no exact accounts of how the incident developed have been released until details can be verified.

A peaceful protest outside a police station in Tottenham to demand answers from the police began to become violent after a tense standoff developed and a teenage girl was allegedly harshly treated by the police after confronting them.

Riots, looting and arson followed and spread over the next few nights, stretching emergency services to breaking point and creating millions of pounds of damage across the country.

Despite a swirl of twitter and facebook rumours and a Blackberry bbm message going around inciting a riot, no major trouble has been spotted so far in Southampton or Portsmouth.  Shops including Aldi have closed early in Southampton in case of trouble.

In one of the few flare-ups of trouble, an attempted arson attack took place last night at Southampton Job Centre but no major damage is reported. A fire has also been reported on the seafront at Shoreham, but it appears to be an unconnected incident in an empty building.

A Blackberry bbm message and facebook group have also mooting rioting on Friday night, but have so far not attracted much support.

The Blowhole will keep an eye on events and keep readers updated if the situation changes.  In the meantime, we recommend readers to stay indoors if trouble does start and not to get drawn in.

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