Minister says there’s “no excuse” for cuts to social care like Southampton Council’s

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The Minister for Care Services has criticised local authorities such as Southampton for cutting social care using the excuse of central government cuts despite extra money has been made available for social care.

In a statement from local MPs Alan Whitehead and John Denham Southampton City Council has been slammed for planning to cut almost £3.5 million from next year, including support for vulnerable people,  funding for helping elderly people to live independently, reductions in day care services and further increasing care charges.

The Council have maintained that its hand has been forced by cuts to central government funding, but in a statement to the Telegraph Paul Burstow, the care services minister, has said that:

There is no excuse for local authorities to be cutting social care. Our decision to make up to £2billion extra a year available to councils means they are receiving more money from the Government than ever before for social care… If local councils are cutting front-line services then local people should hold them to account for that decision.

Alan Whitehead MP has said that “Not even the Conservatives’ own government can justify the utterly savage and disproportionate cuts this Council is planning to inflict on some of the most vulnerable people in our city”, adding that “I never thought I would say this, but the Tories here need to listen to Tory Government Ministers”, whilst John Denham MP says both he and Alan “will be writing to Royston Smith personally to ask for an explanation and to ask whether he agrees with the Government’s position or not.”

Concerned locals can raise this issue with their councillors or directly to the members of the Council Cabinet using this webpage.

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