The Talking Heads to close this weekend – ‘Save our Heads’ campaign begun

Posted on January 6, 2012 by


Popular Portswood pub and music venue The Talking Heads will possibly be calling last orders for the last time this Saturdays, potentially joining the growing list of Southampton pubs hitting the buffers in the recession.

The Talking Heads has become one of Southampton’s premier music venues, hosting gigs, band nights and open mics most nights on Portswood Road, and is popular with a wide swath of Southampton residents – as shown by the huge show of support online to try and save it and the well-wishers visiting this evening.

However, management have said that they can’t stay open after this weekend, saying on their facebook that: “Sadly we cant keep afloat after this weekend we have tried, i dont want to close but it is the only option i have i am deeply sorry if i mucked up anyones social life words are not easy at the moment im sure i will think of some in the future”.

After this weekend will be put on the market for new management to take up, but locals are worried that as the recession grinds on new landlords won’t be easily forthcoming to take the pub on.

The pub joins the ranks of struggling pubs across the country, which already we’re suffering before the current economic woes from supermarket competition and market domination by PubCos.

PubCos, large chains who now own most UK pubs, are notorious for using their dominance to undercut independent competitors, whilst forcing their landlords to buy beer from the PubCo at often cripplingly above market-costs.  Along with shifts in drinking patterns (blamed mainly on cheap supermarket booze) and lighter pockets in the recession, pubs are closing at a growing rate of knots despite popular support.

A facebook page set up this afternoon in support of saving The Talking Heads has already passed 2’000 people, and locals have taken to twitter in force with the hashtag #saveourheads.

Discussion on social media has already begun to focus on how to save the ‘Heads’, recalling how a similar fate was avoided by The Brook and with suggestions including the growing trend of community buy-outs of threatened pubs.

However, with management calling last last orders tomorrow, it remains to be seen what will come next and what the online supporters will be able to do.

The Blowhole will bring you further news of The Head’s fate as it becomes known – in the meantime our reporters will no doubt be there Saturday evening for a goodbye (or hopefully au revoir) pint.