Soton Biomass plant’s rejigged plans released

Posted on May 8, 2012 by


The proposed Southampton biomass power plant’s revised designs have now been released and a new round of consultation is due to start shortly.

Helius energy’s original proposal was widely slated by local residents and eventually all political parties for being designed in a way that made it loom over the local neighbourhood, forcing the company to decide to rejig their plans.

The new proposed plans have a smaller footprint, are shorter and are about twice as far as away as the original proposal from the nearest residents.  Whilst this may go some way to allaying local worries, it’s likely that air pollution will still big a big concern to many in an area already of low air quality.

Local green groups are also not likely to endorse the proposal again due to the likelihood of foreign wood being used to fuel the plant – many claim that this at best not a great way of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and at worst actually counter-productive once transport and forest plantation impacts are considered – for more on the issues raised originally check out our original article.

Whether local parties will now back the scheme is yet to be seen, but it will likely depend on how much local opposition is reduced by the revised plans.  If opposition remains strong they’ll probably stick with their opposition, but the temptation to back the jobs it’s meant to create may test their nerve – this could be an interesting early issue for the City’s new Labour administration to navigate as a result.

For more information on how to take part in the consultation have a look at this Helius website.