About Us

The Dolphin’s Blowhole is Southampton’s independent and alternative news and media source for the residents, students and activists of Southampton.  We work on a co-operative model, with writers, techies and volunteers working together to create Southampton’s only grassroots media platform!

We aim to report on and promote the activities and actions of local community and activist groups, as well as maintaining a local activist directory of campaigns and groups in Southampton.  Our mission is to liberate Southampton from boredom, homogeneity and conformity; and instead help create an exciting, diverse and active alternative.

We have no adverts here, do not make a profit (hardly enough change between us to rub together, to be honest!) and support no political party, but we do feel that in a heavily biased world that attempting to maintain ‘journalistic neutrality’ ends up supporting the status quo, and so we feel it’s necessary for campaigners and activists to create their own media to present a better alternative.  For more on how we feel that the mainstream corporate media fails to report the news properly and why alternative media is crucial, see the work of MediaLens (who are linked to in our blogroll).

If you’d like to get involved with the group and help take The Blowhole further, have a look at our ‘Get Involved!’ page and contact us at thedolphinsblowhole@riseup.net.

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