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Southampton Wholefood Workers’ Co-operative seeks new members

October 16, 2012


The Blowhole has received this notice from a new wholefood workers’ co-op being set up in Southampton asking for help – read on for information on how to help Rice Up get started! Do you want to help save the planet and find meaningful work? If so, why not join Rice Up Wholefoods Ltd. and […]

Soton Biomass plant’s rejigged plans released

May 8, 2012


The proposed Southampton biomass power plant’s revised designs have now been released and a new round of consultation is due to start shortly. Helius energy’s original proposal was widely slated by local residents and eventually all political parties for being designed in a way that made it loom over the local neighbourhood, forcing the company […]

Environmental Rock celebrating its 10th year this Saturday at The Hobbit

May 7, 2012


Environmental Rock is returning to the Hobbit, Bevois Valley this Saturday (12th May) for it’s 10th annual family friendly day of music and environmental networking. Since 2003 it has attracted hundreds of visitors every year with its unique mix of great music, local green groups and businesses, ethical food and drink, fun kids’ activities and […]

Labour topple Torys in Soton whilst Lib Dems trounced by Greens & UKIP

May 4, 2012


The Labour party has taken control of Southampton City Council after winning 11 seats in yesterday’s election and the Torys losing 10. Labour now have 30 councillors to the Torys’ 16 and the Lib Dems holding on to 2, giving Labour a 12 seat majority to rule Soton with., and as elections aren’t due next […]

Meet the new boss? Southampton prepares to go to the polls

April 30, 2012


All 3 main parties are fighting hard in the run up to the local elections on Thursday 3rd May, which could see the political map of Southampton significantly changed.  As is our custom, we present you with a rough guide to what’s going on and our own vague predictions! First, a trip down memory lane […]

Unions & campaigners to rally outisde Council as Southampton’s budget is set

February 15, 2012


Union members and anti-cuts campaigners are to rally outside the Civic Centre later today as Southampton’s councillors meet to debate and set the budget for the coming year. It is expected that many of the austerity measures proposed and discussed in the past year will be rubber stamped, which campaigners say will ensure further job […]

Saved our Heads! Talking Heads to reopen in near future

February 11, 2012


Word has just come out that Southampton music venue The Talking Heads, which closed in January after struggling in the poor economic climate, has been taken over by new management and will reopen soon after rennovation work.  See below for the full press release: Southampton venue, Talking Heads has been closed since early January this […]