Local Community Directory

The Dolphin’s Blowhole encourages all readers to get involved in local campaign and community groups in Southampton, and below is a directory of all the groups and projects we are aware of to get in contact with.

We also can host pages for a group/project/campaign/event etc. if you’d like a quick and simple web presence – email for us to discuss it and for details.

We appreciate any updates on new groups or groups we’re not aware of, email us at thedolphinsblowhole@riseup.net if so!

Campaign/Activist Groups:

South Coast Indymedia (the south coast’s independent media centre, but it’s a tad broken and underused now)

Southampton Activists (mailing list for all Southampton activists, but prone to being an occassional announcement list for local socialist party stuff)

Southampton Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Southampton Amnesty International group

Transition City Southampton

UNISON Southampton District Branch

Slow Food Solent (campaigning for local and proper food)

Guerrilla Gardeners Southampton (illicitly cultivating unused land around Southampton) – guerrillagardeningsoton@riseup.net

Southampton & Eastleigh Friends of the Earth

Southampton & Hampshire Greenpeace (meetings first Wednesday of the month at The Dolphin Inn)

Hampshire Against Fluoridation

Southampton NO2ID (not sure if they’re still active, but on here for reference anyway)

Subvert The City Arts Collective (showed radical films at The Hobbit every first Sunday of the month, but appear to have ceased activity…)

Southampton Animal Action:

As a group we aim to campaign against animal abuse and exploitation in and around Southampton and beyond via information tables, peaceful demonstration, film showings, leafletting, school talks and we also organise trips to National events too. Monthly meetings held every first Wednesday of each month at 7pm at The Art House Cafe, Above Bar Street.


Southern Anti Bloodsports League (direct action against bloodsports, note the subtle acronym)- sabs@tinyworld.co.uk

Solent Veggies and Vegans

Southampton Stop the War

Save Vestas (campaign to save the Vestas wind turbine factory)

Solent Feminist Network (monthly meetings, see facebook group for more) – solentfeministnetwork@googlemail.com

Residents’/Community Groups:

NBSP (North Portswood area) Community Group (defunct, sadly.)

Ropewalk Community Garden

Friends of the Field (campaigning to preserve 7 acres of open land in Freemantle)

The Natterbox (community & advice centre in Thornhill)

St Deny’s Community Centre

Residents’ Group listings (find your local ones and get involved!)

Down to Earth Community Farm (Southampton’s Urban Farm)

Environmental Rock (Southampton’s annual environmentally themed music festival, always needs volunteers!) – info@environmental-rock.org.uk

Alternative shops and businesses:

The Art House (Art Gallery, organic/veggie Cafe & meeting place for many skilling and activist groups)

October Books (Bookshop co-op in Portswood with large stock alternative books & magazines)

Vegan Future (Southampton based vegan food co-op and campaign group) – veganfuture@googlemail.com

Naturally Healthy (health food shoop in Bedford Place)

Rice Up Wholefoods (vegan/ethical wholefood shop planning to set up Below Bar)

SU Green Action Food Co-op (wholesale organic/fairtrade etc. foods for students/staff/alumni)

Southampton Food Co-op listings (for more food co-ops open to members)

Independent Traders:

Portswood Hardware

Gannaways grocer (Portswood until June 2012, Bitterne ongoing)

Longs grocer (Portswood)

University/Student Groups:

Transition University Southampton (in process of setting up) – gaction@soton.ac.uk (more permanent addresses soon!)

Southampton University Unison Branch – unison@soton.ac.uk

SU Green Action society (environmental activism at Southampton Uni, meetings Mondays at 7:30pm at The Stag’s Head) – gaction@soton.ac.uk

SU Amnesty International society (AI branch at Soton Uni, meetings Wednesdays 1pm Clubs & Socs room above The Stags, email first to check though) – amnestyi@soton.ac.uk

Southampton Hub (network for charitable & activist societies at Soton Uni):

Soton SEAN (Southampton Student Environmental Action Network – changes to setup coming soon though):  – gaction@soton.ac.uk

SU Socialist Students (Soton Uni group, involved in SWP & SP campaigns, meetings Tuesdays at 7:00pm in Lecture Theatre B, Nuffield Theatre, Soton Uni) – socialist.students@gmail.com

SU STAR (Student Action for Refugees, meetings Wednesday 5pm, email for venue ) – star@soton.ac.uk

SU FreeSoc (Libertarian society at Soton Uni, meant to be broad spectrum but seems to focus on right-wing side, included here to encourage some more diversity in it!) – sconzey@gmail.com

SU U8 (development themed, but only occasionally active) – u8@soton.ac.uk

SU Feminist society (formerly called called Third-Wave) – sufemsoc@googlemail.com / femsoc@soton.ac.uk

SU LGBT (now with that extra T) – lgbsoc@susu.org

Solent Uni LGBT

Solent Uni Secular society

PAWS (Protecting Animals Within Society) (Itchen College animal welfare group) – dwest@itchen.ac.uk

We need some help finding more Solent Uni and City College Activist groups – get in contact if you can help us make this list more complete!

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