Get involved!

The Dolphin’s Blowhole is Southampton’s only news and media source to be managed collectively and independently, and we’d welcome anyone who wants to help build on our success so far!

We’d like to invite any readers who would like to get involved to join our media collective – no experience is necessary, just a keenness to probe the soft underbelly of Southampton’s news, help report on the cities growing activism and create a thriving independent media source on the south coast.

We’re looking for anyone else who has the skills we need to develop this project – writers, designers, web techies and volunteers of all varieties to get involved – email us at if you’re interested.

For writing, you can either write together with the rest of the team or as an individual (with a pseudonym or as yourself) reporter, or just send in the occassional article too or even just a tip-off on something you think needs reporting on with some information.

We’re also looking at producing off-line content in the future, so if the internet isn’t your thing and you’d like something more tangible, then we could use your help there too!

P.s. See the Manchester Mule’s guide to writing first if you need some tips on writing your article

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  1. crazyenglishmf

    January 28, 2011


    anyone up for it?


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